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Chemical risk in paper industry?

The interest of the paper industry market is first of all linked to the complex process required by the production of paper. Two distinct manufacturing operations can be set-up according to the quality of paper needed: mechanical process (mechanical pastes for newsprints and magazines) or chemical process (chemical pastes for writing, impression or packing: sulphite pastes and sulphate pastes or kraft) during which the wood fibres are insulated with chemicals such as bisulfites or sulphates.

Recent developments in nanotoxicology

According to the International Organization for Standardization's a nano-object is a material having one, two, or three external dimensions in the size-range from approximately 1-100 nanometers (nm).

Chemical risk in water treatment?

Industrial or domestic worn water is first of all collected in a complex decontamination network in order to be treated in a purification station before finally being rejected into the natural environment.

Chemical risk in solar energy ?

Photovoltaic refers to the direct conversion of solar radiance into electrical energy thanks to solar cells. Until now, solar cells are generally made of silicon (semiconductor).

Chemical risk in metallurgy?

In order to well define the metallurgy, it is first of all necessary to make the distinction with the mineralurgy, linked to the mining industry

Chemical risk in aeronautics?

From the construction of an aircraft to its business concern, there is a very large area. Chemicals are used from the manufacturing of pieces to the aircraft maintenance.