Online Training

An E-Learning platform composed of several modules, upon completion of which you will obtain a certificate of compliance issued by HSE SOLUTIONS (a subsidiary of PREVOR) to enable you to train and assess yourself on chemical risk prevention.

Log on to our E-Learning platform to learn about different topics related to chemical risk and obtain a certificate.

A video library of 5-minute video clips covering a multitude of subjects related to chemical risks to ensure your prevention training 24/7.

Visit our video library to watch our videos (5 min) about chemical risk management.

Weekly training sessions on chemical risk management given by certified trainers to ensure the teaching of your staff and to guarantee prevention at all levels within your company.

Check out our webinars to improve prevention in your company.

Online consultants connected to a live chat and videoconferencing service will answer your questions and allow you to ensure your company’s security on a day-to-day basis.

Chat live with a consultant Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm (IST)