Diphoterine, an active first aid solution to remove corrosives and irritants off skin/eye before the burn occurs.

Stationary / Collective Dispensers Portable / Individual Dispensers
Dap – 5 litres for whole body contamination Eye Wash – 500 ml + 1 spray 200 ml for a splash in the face Micro – 100 ml decontaminate 1 hand LIS – 50 ml to decontaminate1 eye
10 units of 800gr dispenser (Trivorex powder) 10 kg absorbing & neutralising powder

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Awards & Accolades

Award for the most innovative product "DIPHOTERINE" first aid to prevent chemical burns

Accidents cause loss of productivity & financial losses

  • Loss of man hours as Employee unable to work

  • Low employee morale & fear psychosis

  • Cost of hospitalization & surgery

Polyvalent solution stops chemical burns -Diphoterine

Over 50 accidents managed with Diphoterine solution as a first-aid: no burn, no hospitalisation, no work-loss:

  • Splash 98% H2SO4, Nitric, phosphoric acid in eye & skin

  • Splash 50% NaOH in eye & skin

ICC Latest Article on Chemical Burns

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Upcoming Events

We are happy to inform you that INDIAN CHEMICAL COUNCIL (ICC) in cooperation with HSE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. (a member-company of ICC) is organizing Half-day Seminar on “CHEMICAL BURNS MANAGEMENT – STOPPING INCIDENTS FROM BECOMING ACCIDENTS” on Tuesday, 24th September 2019.

The venue of the Seminar is HOTEL SILVER LEAF , Plot No.CM-14 & 15, Raghuvir Complex Opp Vapi Industries Association Ground GIDC, Vapi 396195.

Seminar will be from 2.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.


The Seminar will throw light on industrial chemical accidents and their consequences, on traditional First Aid methods and the evolution of new innovative products. Because we believe in empowering the employees through proactive safety measures eloquently put up by the Responsible Care initiative.

Seminar could be attended by:

  • Plant Heads (because chemical splashes lead to a stop of production)
  • Safety Heads (because work-loss due to chemical burns impacts safety performances & man hour lost)
  • Medical officers (because chemical splashes have serious potential health consequences)
  • Lab heads (because chemical splash on a key researcher may compromise the delivery of an R&D project), etc

Please confirm participation as per the enclosed Reply Form and send it to us via e-mail: vkamath@prevor.com with copy to Ratna Mehta, rmehta@prevor.com at the earliest. For registration kindly click here

Study published in burns journal
Research on the most effective First Aid on Chemical Burns

Mumbai Seminar by Dr. Keswani:

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IAOH OCCUCON Jan 2019 – Rajkot


ISBI - December 2018

Our participation in ISBI event held in New Delhi in Dec 2018

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